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Open Garden Safari 

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Barrydale's Annual

Open Garden Safari  


October remains a great time to see our Floral Kingdom burst forth .... into Bloom!


The MagpieArtCollective co-ordinates Barrydale in Bloom and publishes an Annual Open Garden Safari Map for Visitors - obtainable at Magpie over the Weekend.


The Map highlights Participating Locations  

and Open Private Gardens  


*  These will be indicated with a large Flower number at each gate.

*   Open Gardens are between 10:00 and 16:00 on 16 and 17  


*   Some Gardeners are showing both days,

    whilst others are showing either Saturday or on the Sunday


Activities include:  Opening Night Drinks at the Karoo Hotel 15 Oct


                                 a 2 Day Market & a Saturday evening Concert :-

See the programme for details


Please visit our social media for ongoing interactions and updates.


See you at the Bloom! 15 for 16-17 October 2021 !  





We respectfully request appropriate Covid19 Safety Protocols at all Venues

#BeAware #Take Care