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Welcome to the landing page of Barrydale in Bloom aka "The Bloom":

Our Annual Open Garden Safari 10 - 11 October 2020


Barrydale is situated on the north facing slopes of the Langeberge in the fertile, Tradouwshoek valley.                                               The village was founded in the late 19th Century after the NG Kerk established a congregation in what would become Barrydale.

The village is surrounded by productive commercial farms focusing mainly on fruit. The unique climatic conditions are created by the Langeberg effect and the convergence climate of being in between the Winter rainfall of the Western Cape proper and the summer rainfall patterns of the rest of the country. Short frosty Winters and long, dry Summers lend to a unique floral kingdom in the area. Barrydale has for a number of years become a popular destination for it's annual Open Garden Safari.                           2019 Bloom saw the participation of 18 Ou Dorp Garden spaces, 9 Township Gardens and 3 invigorated public garden spaces.


Bloom Project 2020

Our Bloom Beneficiary this year is the Barrydale High School Kitchen Garden (See Project 2020 in the menu for more details) arising out of the theme for this year's Bloom : "Food Gardens!"

as well as to support in spirt, the emergence of BarrydaleProjectVeg a community, online resource connecting and networking with gardeners in and around Barrydale.


So whether you integrate your veggie's into your overall garden scheme or you tend a seperate and productive patch -                 we would like to see! Veggie Gardening forms part of an overall global locus and renewed interest amongst gardeners the world over ensures food security and the wise use of resources such as water and land.


Kick start the Bloom with a "Sniff the Flowers" Walk with Kobus Joubert at 08:30 at his Farm Lentelus on the Route 62 -                   11 kms from Barrydale towards Montagu.                                                                                                                                                         Barrydale in Bloom Garden Maps will be available from The Hub, Life's Bazaar and the Magpie Art Collective Gallery - all situated in van Riebeeck Street. Donations would be welcome for the maps. The maps will show pin locations of the Open Gardens.

These will be indicated with a large Flower number at each gate entrance.

Open Gardens are between 10:00 and 16:00 on 10 and 11 October.

Some Gardeners are showing both days, whilst others are showing either on Saturday or Sunday respectively -

this will be indicated on the Barrydale in Bloom Ticket Map.


Please adhere to Covid-19 health advisory protocols at all times.  


Please visit our social media for ongoing interactions and updates.


See you at the Bloom!  


Shane, Richard and the MagpieArtCollective support team.


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