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The Barrydale Pronvicial Clinic serves the village of Barrydale and surrounding farming district. Some 80% of the villages population is uninsured for health, so clinical services are hard pressed to provide care and primary health support to the growing population demands on the facility. The Clinic is headed and staffed by 2 Clinical Nurse Practitioners and a roster of Health Department Doctors and other professional personell which help deliver a state of the art primary health care setting.


Some years ago, Clinic Head Sr Margo Morton helped establish the bones of the existing Garden. Like all gardens, they mature - trees grow and shrubs establish. Beds become sad, rockeries tumble ... and so for 2019, Barrydale in Bloom thought to focus it's efforts on revitalising two key gardens : 1) The Barrydale Clinic Gardens and 2) to re-ingivorate the Barrydale Heritage Garden on the grounds of the Barrydale Brandy Celler, right on the R62. So far our efforts have been focused on the Clinic Garden, as seen below.


Click on these images below for some images of the Clinic Gardens in June 2019 :




























Through regular workdays and collaboration we have achieved a fine enough Garden for Barrydale in Bloom. As time has progressed it is apparent that this should be an ongoing project of Barrydale in Bloom! We hope you enjoy what we have achieved thus far when you visit the site!


To date thanks must be recorded for the following:


* The Collaboration of the Health Department, the Health Clinic Committee, Net Vir Pret, Project Hope and our local  

  authorities who've been very supportive of this initiative so far.


* Barbara Bridge for 7 bags of compost

* Delvine Mounsour-Wilson for compost and helping plant dune vygies

* Ella, Ian and Blessing for their slips

* Terry and Joan for chats and lunch on the Saturday 29 June work day

* Daphne and Kevin Gernetsky of Doorways for accommodating the Singer Kobus Matthews

* Sarah and the Barrydale Business and Tourism Forum

* and their Project Hope for all the assistance in clearing the site and making paths

* Anita for her aloes (some 4 large and about 6 babies)

* Helen Pointer for her donation of Yuccas for the car-oark

* Inger Murrish and Winsome Kierman for lots of lovely slips!

* Jockey Francke for donating 2 and half hours during Mandela Day to the project and for the ongoing assistance

* Doug Frizgerald for his countless donations of slips and succulent seed trays!!!!

* Denise and Carel Strydom for donkey manure from their donkey sanctuary!

* Didi Stevens

* and the countless secret slips and plant's that were left by anonymous donors!


Thank you Barrydale - we will continue to nurture this Garden of Healing as part of Barrydale in Blooms ongoing efforts in the village.


Some updated images captured by photographer Graham Abbot and Nicole Hurke from The Barn Studio in Barrydale herewith below show some of the invigoration and effort. Please visit our facebook feed for ongoing updates.


The site will be open for visitors over 10-11 October 2020's Barrydale in Bloom - updated images appear on our feed


































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Barrydale Clinic Garden Project 2019