165175436_10159098507332346_4348908730942385132_n BarrydaleHighVegGarden5.11.2019

Barrydale High School Vegetable Garden

Project 2020

In 2019 Barrydale in Bloom shifted from raising funds for local charities to creating projects. Our first project was to re-invigorate the local Community Health Clinic's Gardens. We showcased this by opening the Clinic Grounds for the duration of last years Bloom. For 2020 we decided that the theme for the 2020 Bloom would be "Food Gardens". We are hoping that Gardeners in Barrydale will showcase their gardening creativity with an emphasis on food. So whether your Vegetable garden is seperate from your overall show garden, or integrated, we want to see what you have to show this year! As part of this theme, the local Barrydale High School is being selected to being a showcase Vegetable Garden! We are starting from scratch and will spend the remaining months of this year working with the School Gardener team and hopefully in time learners from the School. We are hoping that this will augment the Schools existing Feeding and Nutrition Programme.


Let's feed the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow!


Here's some of our process pics thus far : More on www.instagram.com/barrydaleinbloom


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